8-Person Tent

view from over the ridge


Having got a bunch of ramblers together for our camping trip. We then took responsibility to organise various aspects of the trip. I can’t cook very well. So I volunteered for tent duties. It was up to me to select and purchase, for the group, a suitable tent for all six of us.

I went to our small camping tent store, in town, and took a look at the tents they had on offer. The biggest size they catered for was parties of six. I took one look at that and realized that that would be too cramped we needed something bigger than those.

Tent at the campsiteJust the Tent

The tent had to be at least big enough for eight persons and I found what we were looking for online, here eight person tent This would give us enough room without us getting each other’s way. And not too big that we need a gang of four just to get the thing up.

And I’m pleased to say that the 8 person tent got a big thumbs up from the rest of the team. It went up with just two of us assembling it. And it came down just as easily, although packing is a lot harder at first and more tricky than I thought it would be but we mastered that part as well.

girl in a medowFeatures we needed

After some initial research, I knew what key features were required. I made sure that sure that we had a tent with a zippable groundsheet so that we completely isolated from anything that might want to crawl in late at night. I also made sure that the tent was breathable. This is where the fabric is porous to let moisture out (from people breath sleeping) but at the same time keeping rain out.

Getting the tent up

Tent takedown and Storage

The last thing on my list was a porch. So we could discard muddy boots or wet clothing before entering the main tent. And that came in real handy.

So, if you ever need a tent for six people, take my advice and get an eight person tent Instead. Well worth the extra cost in my opinion.

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