My Camera Tripod

photographer and cameraHiking with my Camera

I was out in the countryside walking my dog, as I do each weekend, come rain or shine. And our rambling takes us through some beautiful countryside along river banks and through small rustic little villages. I sometimes take my camera along, a dSLR, not a great one but above entry level and I carry a spare long lens in my rucksack, just in case I see a rare animal or bird.

We had just passed through a small village and over a narrow river bridge. And on this bridge there were photographers with massive telephoto lenses on top of some seriously strong looking camera tripods. It made me feel a little self conscious with my little mouse sized camera and lens. But I was intrigued and wanted to find out what they were doing.

camouflaged tripod The Ornithologists

They were ornithologists (bird watchers to you and me) and something, quite rare in these parts, they had flown in. And they were determined to hunt down some rare bird (in the photographic sense) and get the best shot. “I do that as well” I said “with this” and showed them my camera. Then the guy in the middle, Chris, showed me his tablet.

Whereas my shots are more green foliage than bird and it’s often hard to see what little blurred smudge near the middle of my picture actually is. Chris’ image was stunning by comparison those big telephoto lenses put the bird centre stage and they just jump right out of the shot.

camera tripodTripod For Camera

“So what’s with the tripods?”, “That’s what gives all that sharp detail.” It all made sense and I wanted to have a go. So I got a tripod from here It’s not in the same league as the guys I saw on the bridge. But it’s light and sturdy so I can carry it around with me in the rucksack.

selecting an ideal tripod

Now when I’m going to take a wildlife shot, I sometimes whip it out, quietly unfold it as quick as I can and get the shot. All I can say is stunning. I get more “keepers” if I use the tripod than if I don’t and I can take a bit more time setting things up.

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