Shona Sculpture

Shona Sculpture - The WritersShopping for Presents

Having to buy presents for my husband every year is getting harder. You see we live together and we both work. When we want something, we usually go out and buy it there and then. So there’s nothing that the other wants but can’t afford. No special surprises.

I like to get a present that has a surprise element to it. I don’t just want to buy a trinket or something that doesn’t have that wow factor. What’s the point of just getting something of no real value for the special person in my life. That gets put away in a draw forever and is never seen again.

Well this time I was determined to do better. I searched and I searched and I found something that I thought would meet all the above criteria. More importantly my husband thought so too. A win win, I was very pleased.

Shona Sculpture

Shona Sculpture - Family GroupShona Sculpture

So what was this present? I hear you ask. Well it was a sculpture. Not just any old sculpture but an African sculpture known as Shona Sculpture. They are really quite wonderful and very African with their rich tradition in the spirits of the land and of their animals. And although carved from rock these sculptures, depending upon the one you pick, are vibrant in color and texture.

I chose a family group, about four feet high. Being made from stone these African Shona sculptures are quite heavy. Its beauty lies in the colors and textures.

The figures are black in color but the hair is white. As this is one piece of rock, that’s quite an amazing feat. They do it by leaving the hair as roughly cut, unfinished stone. But the skin on the faces and torsos it’s smooth and polished and reveals the rocks black color.

Unique and Special

The other nice thing about these sculptures is that they are hand made so no two are the same. I got mine from this web site And I was very pleased the way it was packed.