Thoughts of The Day

My Day

Running around all day; work, kids, dogs, errands, my week just becomes a blur. But although I long for a “me time” moment, I wouldn’t change things one little bit. I work hard but I’m in a good place and I do get the odd occasion when I can have a quite coffee and watch the world go by or write my first blog, as I’m doing here, right now. You see, I’ve got to be doing something.

And although you didn’t see it, I just left the writing for a moment to get some juice for my youngster and put a second load of clothes in the washing machine. So what’s this blog all about, it’s not just a load of mindless ramblings going on in my head – I hear you ask? Well No, I want to write about things that are of interest to me and therefore of interest to others, maybe like yourself.

My Passion

I’ve always liked to write, even as a child, I would sit for hours writing and then reading my little short stories to my dad (mum was always too busy). When I went to college I took English as a major and spent some time in Bristol in the UK and ventured off to Wales. Wales a very beautiful country and the people there are really nice and friendly, but I digress.

So writing, is within me and I’m going to use this blog to get ideas down and write more lucid articles (maybe) from those, as and when I can.

Where I do get my own time is when I walk my two dogs. Those long walks, normally just me and the two canines, allows me to mull over ideas and turn my thoughts into ideas. Which from now on I’ll write up on here.